Helpful Tips for Pushing Your Sexual Limits

Helpful Tips for Pushing Your Sexual Limits

One of the fundamental rules of human sexuality is to know your limitations. That said, there’s something very special about crossing this threshold with a consenting partner. There might be some confusion about properly doing this and where a proper place to begin might be. We’ve consulted the experts and have a few suggestions that can help you push your own sexual limits for the benefit of you and yours. Enjoy! 

Talking the Talk 

Using the right words and speech patterns can make all the difference in the bedroom. It’s a wonderful way to break the ice and illicit arousal. If you’re unsure of where you might want to start, consider obtaining some erotic literature. Even simply telling your partner what you’d like to do or your current arousal level can be an excellent way to begin. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 

If the spoken word is something you’re not interested in pursuing, then you might want to consider documenting some action to steam up the situation at hand. Smartphones have given many the opportunity to record photos and videos at will. Start out small; maybe send your partner a few candid shots that will stimulate them during an otherwise monotonous day. You can work your way up to video next, and before you know it, both of you will be starring in your own home movies! 

In Through the Out Door 

Trying new things is the recurring theme on our list. And when it comes to any new ground, the most important aspect is consent. When it comes to anal play, this is most important. Anal play can be exciting in terms of using your tongue or full-on penetration. If entry is what you have in mind, use plenty of lube. Starting out small with anal beads or a butt plug can be a great way to “open up” the possibilities of the back door. 

Opening Up the Toyshop 

We conclude our list with the suggestion that you introduce a third into the equation. And no, we don’t mean adding another person into the mix. Bringing in a toy or two can enhance the situation. Allowing your partner to use it on them and vice versa can bring much-needed stimulation. Make it a group effort by choosing one together and find one both can enjoy the milage with. 

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