Getting the Gifts on Your Naughty List: A Brief Guide

Getting the Gifts on Your Naughty List: A Brief Guide

“He’s got a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice…” Let us be realistic for a moment, it’s fun to be naughty. When you were young, the challenge to be nice around this time of year was all-consuming. Now that you’re an adult, it’s time to get rewarded for being naughty and nasty. We’ve got some gift ideas for the truly sinful. 

For Her

Pleasing the special lady in your life has never been easier. Show her that you care about her needs…and these are much better than a blender!

  • Dildos it’s a standard rule of softcore pornography that you can’t show penetration. Luckily for her, you’ll be able to let her experience this when you aren’t present. 
  • Vibrators Give a new meaning to the term “rocking and rolling.” A little stimulation never hurt anyone, and with our vast selection of vibrators, you can allow her to stimulate herself as foreplay…or when she’s loving herself. 
  • Lingerie This really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will she feel sensual and sinful, but the sight of her wearing it will be more than enough motivation to take things into the bedroom. 
  • Bondage Items You and your partner once tied the knot…now it’s time to tie things up once again. Our vast selection of bondage items will give you a bigger thrill than 50 Shades of Grey…and you’ll still have time for a night of “kinky fuckery” 

For Him 

Not to worry…there are plenty of toys for the boys as well. Show your special guy that he’s ready to quit playing in the sandbox…

  • Cockrings Beyonce was most likely singing about something else when she sang “put a ring on it.” However, you can take that phrase to a bold new level when you slide one on him. 
  • Prostate Massagers This is one of the best shortcuts to erection-ville. While your guy might be hesitant to have anything in those nether regions, you both will be pleasantly surprised by the results. 
  • Sexy Underwear While you’re giving him the bedroom eyes in lingerie he got you, the tables can be turned in the most delightful way. The package he unwraps on Christmas morning will accent his other package a little too well. He’s not the only one who gets to see skimpiness in the bedroom. 

Caliente Superstore

For all of your naughty and nice needs, not just around the holidays but all year long, Caliente Adult Superstore offers all the treats to take things in the bedroom to the next level. We have two locations and offer complete discretion when shipping orders. Visit us online and please…come again.

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