Finding the G-Spot: Easier Than You Think

Finding the G-Spot: Easier Than You Think

Not only did we once live in a world where the discussion of sexuality was considered taboo, but we also lived in a society that deemed masturbation as immoral and wrong. These days, we’re not so puritanical. We’re encouraged to discuss sexuality openly and among ourselves, and masturbation is considered a healthy activity that ensures release and self-preservation. However, the female G-Spot seems to be as elusive to some as table manners and the duck-billed platypus. We’ve written a convenient quick guide because everyone should love themselves…many times over. 

What IS the G-Spot? 

While you’ve heard the term several times before, you might be unaware of what the actual G-Spot is. More than once, it’s been confused for the clitoris, which is sometimes hard for some to find despite it being front and center. The G-Spot, or female erogenous zone, is located approximately 2 inches inside the vagina and is spongy to the touch. 

The Hands-On Experience 

No one knows your body better than you do. Ever since you entered puberty, you’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of what exhilarates you. Coating your hands with a considerable amount of lube, feel around the vaginal wall when you feel a slightly raised abrasion, you’ve struck gold. Getting to know where the g-spot is and informing your partner how to easily get to it will mean your nights just got a lot steamier. (And fulfilling.)

Much to Toy About Nothing 

While no one might know their location except for you, you might have a toy or two in your room, hidden in a strategic location. Using them to explore the various crevices of your body is something you might not do on a regular basis, but some exploratory work can open new doors and avenues as far as pleasure is concerned. If you’re currently without any, finding the right toy might be a little tricky at first. Starting out small with a curved vibrator might get things warmed up before you decide to open the flood gates. 

Come and See…

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