Exploring Anal Masturbation: A How-To Guide

Exploring Anal Masturbation: A How-To Guide

For some people, the thought of any sexual activity, be it self-induced or with a partner, that involves anal penetration is a dealbreaker. Perhaps it’s the fear of going someplace unexplored, or simply the stigma that comes from the thought of pleasure involving the anal cavity. Either way, if you’re ready and willing to conquer your fear of the rear, then we certainly encourage you to read onward. And most importantly, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Whether you intend on giving, receiving, or going solo…it’s time to open the back door. 

Preparation and Starting Strong 

Just like the introduction of foreplay, there are some steps to take in terms of preparation. 

  • Keep it Clean Hygiene is of the highest importance with any sexual activity. One of the most important preparations to undertake is completely emptying your bowels, and taking a shower with plenty of antibiotic soap. It’s also advised that you trim your nails beforehand. 
  • Lube it Up! You can NEVER use too much lube. We can’t stress this enough. Whether you decide to go with water or silicone-based lube is entirely up to you. The anal cavity isn’t self-lubricating, so don’t be worried about overusing lubrication.  
  • Assume the Position One of the best ways to get prepared is by pulling your knees up to your chest and placing a pillow under your pelvis to allow easy access. 
  • Timing is of the Essence It’s important that you just don’t jump right in full throttle. Getting yourself aroused and excited before introducing anal play is the best course of action. 

And Now We’re Ready

One of the best ways to enjoy anal stimulation is using anal toys. However, we can’t stress enough that the toys you use in your anal cavity are only used for this purpose and they’re flared or flanged. Your muscles can suck a smooth and lubricated toy into the rectum at the time of orgasm. We assure you; this won’t be a fun experience. 

Feels Like the First Time

When you’re all finished exploring, it’s extremely important that you clean your toys as thoroughly as possible. When you’re ready to try again, just remember, the second time is almost always a better experience than the first. If the first time still felt a bit awkward, we suggest trying anal beads. They’re great for beginners and easy to control. 

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