Edging: What Is It and Who Can Do It

Edging: What Is It and Who Can Do It

Normally, an article about edging would detail precision lawn care and provide tips on how to get your lawn groomed properly. However, it’s more than safe to assume that if you clicked on this article, you’re not here for such a subject. We suggest a publication more akin to Better Homes & Gardens for such a topic. 

So, what are we referring to? We’re referring to the practice of intensifying your orgasms. That’s right, we’re talking about sex. Now that we have your attention, read on, friendly reader…

What Exactly is Edging? 

To put it into the simplest terms possible, edging is where you bring your partner to the brink of orgasm…only to back off at the last possible moment. And it’s nothing new—the practice first entered into wide practice during the 1950’s as the preferred method of curving premature ejaculation. The practice continues today, and those who can partake include anyone who can bring themselves or their partner to reach an orgasm. Most importantly, there’s no special equipment that you need to invest in—just bring your “A” game. 

The Importance of Edging 

Edging practitioners all agree that delaying the end result of a climax makes the ending that much more satisfying. Bringing themselves (or others) to the point of climax only to turn away before going off a cliff ramps up the desire and anticipation, making the ending one of epic proportions. While this act will certainly make any interaction more passionate, couples who edge find their communication begins to improve. The practice also grows a stronger familiarity with their partner’s unique wants, and how to properly satisfy them. 

Learning to Love Yourself (Literally)

As some of the most successful rock stars will attest to—sometimes it’s best to go solo. Self-love is healthy and beneficial, not to mention fun. That doesn’t mean it has to be bland and over quickly. Whatever stimulation you use as masturbatory foreplay, be it pornography, lube, or that wonderful thing called imagination, use it to its fullest potential. Keep yourself from releasing if you feel it coming on, after a few times of delaying the inevitable, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria when you finally do. 

Loving Another…Several Times 

While self-love is important for maintaining personal sanity, the bond you and your partner share is one that’s constantly improved with healthy communication and understanding. Edging with your partner calls for both elements, as paying attention to one another’s verbal and non-verbal cues are important. While they always are, picking up the signals during edging will allow you to hold back when your partner is about to let everything go. 

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