Discovering Your Turn-On Triggers

Discovering Your Turn-On Triggers

One of the advantages of existing in the society we do is that we’ve grown increasingly open regarding our sexuality. While we tend to mention that quite often in these articles that focus on human sexuality, there’s a very good reason for that. Believe it or not, there was a time when sexuality was a taboo topic, and aside from whispers or locker room talk, there was no possible way for the subject to be discussed in a public forum without fear of reprisal or contempt. Still, there are certain subjects that people feel almost ashamed to discuss, which speaks to the long-standing hold of puritanical thinking that once was present in our society. 

Breaking away from this stigma, we’re here to discuss one of the fundamental components of human sexuality, and one that allows us to enjoy the passion, pleasure, and ecstasy that comes with it. We’re talking about what turns you on and gets your heart rate and libido racing in what the band Asia once described as “the heat of the moment.” These gateways to sexual joy are what’s known as “turn-on triggers.” While the term “trigger’ has earned somewhat of a negative connotation in recent years, we assure you these benefit you a great deal. Bring a notebook and your curiosity, we’re going to explore the world of these turn-on triggers and how one can possibly discover them. 

“We’re All Individuals” 

As human beings, we’re a very unique collection of individuals. What this entails is that we’re quite different from one another, right down to the DNA of our genetic makeup. What this entails, is that no two of us are the same. What turns us on and gets our libido cranking our hormones up to “11” might not work for everyone. Much like taste in art, literature, music, and film, the reality of turn-ons is very much a matter of subjection. We usually discover what we’re attracted to around the same time our bodies go through the sometimes awkward stage of life known as puberty. Our sexual awakening, which begins around this time, helps inform us of many of the things that we’ll be attracted to in our adult life. 

Self Discovery and Exploration of What Turns Us On 

Speaking of the stage of life known as puberty, it’s around this point in our lives when we start to explore our bodies and see them transition from childhood into adolescence. It’s also around this time when we learn to literally “love ourselves” through the practice of masturbation. We quickly learn about what images and fantasies we enjoy the most, and what gets our minds racing with excitement. 

This is a process that in no way ends with high school graduation or when we finally reach that point in our life known as adulthood. Exploration in the farthest reaches of our sexuality shouldn’t be limited to our teenage years or even our early 20s. This is a lifelong learning experience where we have the possibility to learn more about ourselves than we originally thought possible. 

One of the best ways to explore your turn-ons further is with a partner. Open up a dialogue and always leave the lines of communication wide open. Talk about what turns you on and in turn, what turns them on. This will allow the two of you to find a common ground with one another. Of course, there’s another advantage of discovering further turn-ons and unexplored regions of pleasure, and that’s through experimentation with new practices and scenarios. 

Of course, we must stress the importance of consent regarding any scenario that you and a partner of your choosing engage in. 

Exploring the Outer Reaches of Pornography 

Speaking of subjects that once had a stigma attached to them, pornography was once a habit thought to only cater to the deviants, dregs, and uncivilized outer fringes of society. While there’s a subsection of the industry that certainly caters to that crowd whose tastes embody and go far beyond normal transgression. However, pornography has outgrown this incorrect assessment, and much like the act of masturbation is now seen as a healthy way of exploring sexuality and allowing the release of the stress that accumulates throughout the course of the day. 

By giving in to our curiosity and whims that might change from time to time, pornography allows us to explore a wide variety of facets, scenarios, and most importantly, different things that turn us on, repulse us, and stimulate our senses. Whether you choose to conduct this exploration by yourself or with your partner, remember that what you’re doing is healthy and even bolsters your sexual freedom as you’re willing to not be tied down and bound by the stigma that’s been associated with sexuality for so very long. 

If you embark on this discovery of turn-on triggers with a partner, there are a few things you should consider and keep in mind. A partnership is just that–collaboration and a two-way street. Wherever your partner wishes to take things, be respectful of their wishes and boundaries. Even if the two of you are in a master/servant relationship, keep in mind that consent is of the highest importance. The word “no” must be respected at all times during this exploration. Work together in a respectful manner and allow the discovery of turn-ons to blossom naturally. 

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