Celebrating 2022 with Oral Sex

Celebrating 2022 with Oral Sex

With 2021 now on the backburner and the new year in full swing, it’s time to celebrate this time of renewal and rejuvenation. But how? Sure, you COULD finally clean out the garage or paint the guest room…but where’s the fun in making more work for yourself? While the holidays might be over with, giving and receiving is a tradition that you can uphold, and no other practice embraces these two activities more than oral sex. And we’re not joking. Whether you’re going down or traveling southward on your partner, we’ve gathered a few choice tidbits of advice to make the experience a memorable one. 

Frankie Says Relax

Fans of 80’s new wave might be familiar with the chart-topping hit “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The upbeat chorus of “Relax…when you want to come.” Isn’t just a hook, it’s great advice. Here in the new millennium, sexuality and the expression contained therein is no longer taboo. If you have trouble relaxing, you might not enjoy the experience as much. Close your eyes, and get ready for a pleasant surprise. 

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness 

Nobody wants the feeling of grime in their mouth and the smell of unpleasant odors in the air. Keeping your genitalia clean will make the experience enjoyable. Consider going down when your partner comes out of the shower feeling so fresh and so clean. 


Normally, we’d remind you that you are what you eat. But, because we’re addressing the topic of “eating” someone during oral sex, we’ll take the high road. Instead, we’d like to remind you that your diet can have a direct correlation with how you might taste to someone else. Drinking plenty of water with fruits and vegetables can enhance your taste. On the opposite end of the spectrum, processed foods, alcohol, and too much red meat can have adverse effects. 

Give Direction During an Erection 

Communication in any relationship is key to its health. When it comes to oral sex, this happens to be very true. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you want, what you like, and what you want them to steer clear from. The experience should be enjoyable for both of you, not just one. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

If this is the first time you and your partner are initiating oral contact with one another’s nether regions, it might not be perfect on the first try. Don’t feel discouraged,  get into a routine of going down on one another, and things will look up in no time at all. 

Muy, Muy, Caliente 

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