Are You Up-To-Date on Your Sex Slang?

Are You Up-To-Date on Your Sex Slang?

It seems as though there is new terminology for sex every day. Whether you have one sexual partner or several, you want to stay in the know with the latest words and phrases. Here is a guide on sex slang to stay hip in and out of the bedroom.

The first new sex slang word is bussy. Bussy is a queer slang term used to describe a man’s anus. Bussy is short for “boy pussy.”

Another new sex term is WAP. The acronym was made popular by a Cardi B song released in 2020. WAP stands for Wet Ass Pussy and refers to a well-lubricated vulva. One can achieve WAP either naturally or with store-bought lubricant.

BDE is another sex slang acronym that has recently grown in popularity. BDE stands for Big Dick Energy and describes a masculine individual who gives off a lot of confidence.

A friend with benefits or a secret sex partner is called a sneaky link. This new sex slang can also refer to a sexual partner who you want to keep a secret because you are embarrassed about having slept with them. This person may be an ex or someone you told your friends you would not sleep with.

There are new sex terms used to describe oral sex as well. Gluck Gluck 9000 or Gawk Gawk 9000 are terms used to describe sloppy blowjobs that use a lot of saliva, deep throating, and sound effects.

Finally, aftercare is a sex slang term that has been used in the kink and BDSM subcultures for decades. However, it is just now gaining popularity in mainstream sex conversations. Aftercare refers to checking in on someone after sex or engaging in calming activities after intercourse. Aftercare can include cuddling, deep breathing, taking a shower together, talking about the experience, eating together, and whatever else grounds you after sex.

Staying up to date with the latest sex slang can help you stay hip in and out of the bedroom. You can also improve your sex life by shopping for lubricants, lingerie, and sex toys with Caliente Adult Superstore. You can browse our selection of selection of products online or you can visit us at one of our Florida locations.

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