Anal Beads for Beginners: What They Are and How They’re Used

Anal Beads for Beginners: What They Are and How They’re Used

Whether you’re someone who’s used to anal play or you’re just curious about “going in through the outdoor,” anal beads are one of the best toys to utilize for either situation. The anus contains a variety of nerve endings that, when properly stimulated, can provide large amounts of pleasure and satisfaction. They’re very noticeable due to their appearance, which consists of a row of beads attached to a flexible cord. They can be composed of a variety of materials, such as silicone, jelly, plastic, and even glass. And while many are stationary, there are some that vibrate to heighten the sensation after insertion. 

Choosing the Ideal Beads 

If you’re shopping for your first set of anal beads, there are a few factors that you should look for. Anal play is something that’s best eased into if you’re a newcomer. Silicone beads or ones made of jelly attached to a string to provide flexibility are recommended. For the more serious and experienced practitioner of anal play, one made of glass or metal can be utilized, and maybe even one that vibrates upon entry. 

Getting Ready 

Preparation for any sort of anal play has two possible outcomes, some of which both occur, pleasure and a lightly messy aftermath. The first thing to remember is a clean anus, which means showering beforehand, and if possible, an enema can clean out any excess fecal matter that might be hanging around. It’s also important to have a lot of lube handy, as the anus isn’t a self-lubricating orifice. If you’re experienced, you probably already know how to conduct your activities. If you’re new to anal play, we recommend that you start off slowly and be as cautious as possible. There might be an experience that’s disagreeable to you. No matter how you choose to use them, if you engage in this activity with your partner, complete and total consent is of the utmost importance. 

Wash After Usage and Have Your Own Set 

The best sex is safe sex. And when it comes to anal play with beads, this is no exception. If you’re curious about the usage of anal beads, it’s very important that you have your own set. Borrowing someone else’s is incredibly unhygienic and exposes you to the risk of STDs. After every use, it’s absolutely important that you clean your beads thoroughly. This will ensure plenty of healthy experiences. 

Above all else, have fun! 

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